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Roll the Dice are back with a new full length album, ‘Born to Ruin’. The Swedish duo, which consists of Malcolm Pardon and Peder Mannerfelt, are established musicians in their own right. Pardon’s background producing scores for film and television is reflected in Roll The Dice’s cinematic aesthetic. While Mannerfelt’s acclaimed third solo album ‘Controlling Body’ landed in 2016, he counts the likes of Fever Ray among his producer credits.

In 2013 the pair contributed to the Blanck Mass-curated score for the Belgian horror movie ‘The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears’, while last year they composed part of the score and end credit theme for the SKY / Warp Films-produced drama series ‘The Last Panthers’. The duo have performed live at Sonar, Unsound, Primavera, ATP, Mutek, Norberg, Roskilde and Semibreve festivals as well as alongside an exclusive orchestral setting at Norrlands Opera.

Compared to the epic, sweeping compositions of the duo’s earlier records, Born To Ruin is stripped to the bone — a collection of concise, sharply evocative, jazz-infused music that’s more smoky basement than orchestral hall. Following the stately orchestral explorations of 2014’s Until Silence, the music here is lithe, hollow and furious, evoking a fractured world of economic and political instability.

Roll The Dice 'Born to Ruin' will be released late may 2017 and distributed by Boomkat.

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