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Shawn O’Sullivan (aka 400PPM, Vapauteen) is a DJ and producer behind some of the most essential techno releases of the past few years. O’Sullivan’s music is both adventurous and intensely physical, rooted in the history of dark, ambitious club music from minimal synth to EBM, hardcore and industrial techno. A DJ since 1997, O’Sullivan got his start playing gabber, hard acid and breakcore at local parties in small town Iowa. In the 2000s, both as a DJ and a member of the band Led Er Est, he was an instrumental part of the New York’s minimal synth scene.

In the early 2010s, O’Sullivan began performing live hardware techno sets. His techno productions grew directly out of these performances. Largely recorded live in the studio, these tracks weld the open ended improvisation of his live sets to the structures of dance floor ready techno, and bring the aggressive experimentation often associated with the best 1990s techno into the 21st century. His subsequent solo releases on labels like Avian, L.I.E.S. and The Corner, and as part of Further Reductions with Katie Rose O’Sullivan and Civil Duty with Beau Wanzer, have cemented his place as a central figure in the ongoing redefinition of techno’s aesthetic possibilities.

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