Editions Mego, Peder Mannerfelt Produktion – SE

Klara Lewis is a Swedish composer born 1993. Her critically acclaimed debut album Ett was released by Viennese record label Editions Mego in 2014.

“[...] Ett is the work of a gifted and thoughtful sound sculptress, who combines found sounds, field recordings and electronic textures to create beguiling and resonant works that operate on all manner of levels.” Joseph Burnett, The Quietus

“The way [Lewis] manipulates these recordings of her own surroundings is expressive and intuitive, and the music sparkles with personality despite its sparseness.” Rory Gibb, The Wire

Lewis is studying her second year of a bachelor degree in Audio-visual Production. Lewis is currently collaborating with Simon Fisher Turner and Rainier Lericolais.

Performance: Live PA
Booking Contact: Nina
Presspack: Klara Lewis

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