Hutha Home Studio, Börft – SE

Composer, musician and Dj Jean Louis Huhta started playing music in the 80’s with legendary Punk bands such as Cortex and Anti -Cimex. He then moved on to Go-Go rhythms and Funk with the Stone Funkers from there started Dj’ing at the club Lucky People Center which later became the mixed media collective LPC. He started producing Techno and had his first releases on Svek and Hybrid. During this period he played live and produced music together with Simon j Hartley and Jesper Dahlbäck resulting in The project Brommage Dub which took its name from an area in stockholm where he rented a house with some friends. To this day Jean-louis has continued his music production, dj’ing and collaborative work around the world with acts like Ocsid, Brommage Dub, The Skull Defekts and since 2009 Dungeon Acid.

Performance: DJ, Live PA
Booking Contact: Nina
Presspack: Request

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