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“Eclecticism. Evolution. Education.”

Three intertwining principles that form the foundation of the career of Brianna
Price. A journey that has seen her relocate from British Columbia, Canada to
London, England; start ‘In Toto’, her record label; become an established and
respected radio broadcaster for BBC Radio 1 through which she vehemently
champions cutting edge underground electronic music; cement her reputation as
a trusted selector at countless leading music events; and become an advocate
for drug education and nightlife preservation within her adopted home.
Underpinning all these achievements is Brianna’s passion for sounds from
across the musical spectrum, and her now well documented rampant eclecticism.

A significant next step in her continuous path to being one of the most
distinguished artists in her field is her own record label: In Toto. A desire for
complete artistic freedom and a boundless musical direction lie at the heart of
Brianna’s decision to open her own imprint, which sees releases ranging from
house to techno to electronica, and everything in between. Of her label, B. Traits
has said: “It is a vehicle for me to put out my own and other artists' music on both
vinyl and digital format. Music that I make, music that I love and music that I wish
to share with you.”

Brianna utilizes her influential position to full effect by tackling pressing issues
like the need for widely accessible drug safety information, as well as fighting
passionately for a rich and progressive club scene in the UK. Her latest project,
an event series titled Paciphonic, explores a combination of ambient and
minimalist music, sound and frequency activations, and group meditation. She
aims to effectively bridge the gap between what she does musically already as a
selector, producer, curator, and presenter, and combine it with her knowledge
and practice in self-development and life balance. Through Paciphonic, she
hopes to build an inclusive community, to collectively enhance and improve our

A skilled producer, DJ and presenter. You should certainly expect the
unexpected where B.Traits is concerned – but if there's something you can
predict, it's that whatever comes next will be unique, and it will be big.

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